world fusion, new age, relaxation and meditation music by Karunesh

Call of the Mystic

Release Date 2004
Genre: World Fusion
8 tracks - 50:34

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Call of the Mystic - world fusion music by Karunesh

"This CD is amazing. I received it a week ago and I can't bear to take it out of the CD-player - it's that good. It combines rich undertones with flutes, deep cellos, and an unobtrusive beat that just amakes you want to close your eyes and breathe the music. It's just amazing. I can meditate to it, study to it, and sleep to it. You won't regret buying this one. Absolutely amazing!""

"This is one of the most beautiful CDs I have ever heard. I bring it everywhere when I need to relax. The sound of the instruments from India is breathtaking."


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