world fusion, new age, relaxation and meditation music by Karunesh


Born in Cologne, Germany in 1956, Karunesh released his first album 'Sounds of the Heart' in 1984, which quickly became a classic in the New Age genre. More albums followed and Karunesh became established as one of the best known artists in that genre. He has lived in Maui, Hawaii since 1992 and his musical expression has expanded more and more into World Beat/World Fusion.

Songs from his world album 'Global Spirit' are featured on the Buddha Bar compilations and many more can be found in numerous world fusion projects.

Karunesh's music is available from Real Music, Oreade Music and Amazon as well being down- loadable on iTunes




Karunesh - World Fusion, New Age - Relaxation and Meditation Music

"I want to go beyond the limits and barriers separating different cultures, mixing different music styles and let them flow and dance together. Music is the one language in the world that everybody understands, across all cultures, religions and beliefs.

Rhythym is food for the body, melody nourishes the heart and atmospheres fill the soul - and my music touches the listener on all these three levels."