world fusion, new age, relaxation and meditation music by Karunesh

Zen Breakfast

Release Date 2001
Genre: New Age / Relaxation
10 tracks - 56:39

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Zen Breakfast - new age and relaxation music by Karunesh

"Like shimmering silver light reflecting off moonlit minarets of the soul, the soaring passages of Zen Breakfast find each note carefully conceived and each instrument reaching for the heavens above. Delicate, crystal clear bells chime to signal anew waking moments on each composition rising form the abundantly dreamy themes that are carefully shaped to take form in patient manner through these extravagant excursions. Weaving exotic voices and cross-cultural elements through his sparkling tapestry, Karunesh finds that perfect balance point where classical, world and healing music join, carefully coaxing love’s caress from every note. Zen Breakfast ... is sacred music from far off visionary places that touch the heart ever so close to home." - Lloyd Barde, Backroads Music


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